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What to Expect: A Brief Primer to the Suzuki Method

Suzuki Foundations

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed his method of string pedagogy in the post-WWII years in Japan. It is a popular method for starting young students on string instruments with a strong emphasis on listening, sequential repertoire, and developing relationships between the parent, teacher, and student (known as the "Suzuki Triangle"). Suzuki believed in building character through music and that every child is capable of learning.

Parental Involvement

Suzuki is a group effort! In Suzuki, the parent plays an integral part.

The parent is expected to attend and take notes at all private lessons and group classes. They are responsible for overseeing and organizing home practice.

I will help you with all of this! Parental instruction is part of tuition. Before your child begins lessons, we will have parent-only sessions that will give you a head start on the basics of playing the cello, how to take notes during lessons, ways to make practice easier, and resources to help you when you get stumped.

Typical Week

Every week, you and your child will attend a 30-minute private lesson in which we will go over specific exercises, games, and songs for your child to practice during the week.

Every week, we will also have a 30-minute group class in which all students at your child's level will come together to do activities, games, singing, and moving. This will reinforce the work we are doing in our private lessons. There may be additional material that we only cover in group class, so it is important to attend. It is included in your tuition.

For the remainder of the week, you will be expected to find 15-30 minutes daily to practice the material we cover in the lessons and group classes. You are also expected to do daily listening to the Suzuki reference recordings (recordings of the Suzuki repertoire that your child will be learning). You may or may not choose to practice on the day of your lesson depending on your schedule, however it can be an extremely helpful routine to help your child remember all the work they did during the week and make the most of their lesson time.


Perhaps the most important thing we can do in music (and in life) is listen. Suzuki places a strong emphasis on listening from the beginning. By listening to the reference recordings regularly and frequently, students learn to play their instrument in the same way they learn a language: listen, speak, read. Parents are often amazed at how quickly their children learn new songs if they have been listening to them- it's quite magical.

Listen can be active, in which child's primary activity is listening, or passive in which the child is doing something else and music is in the background. You can build listening into your daily routine during commutes, meals, play time, bath time, bedtime, or as part of practice time.

Studio Calendar

  • Weekly private lessons and group classes are all 30 minutes and are held in Elm Heights. We will work to find a mutually convenient weekly lesson time. I generally teach Sunday-Wednesday and may use Thursday and Friday for make-up and rescheduled lessons, as needed.

  • Please note the Lesson Make-up Policy (below) to better understand what happens if you are unable to come to your lesson.

  • Lesson weeks generally follow the MCCSC calendar. Depending on our weekly lesson time, some adjustments may need to be made.

August: Parents Only

8/7 (Su) First Day of Lessons and Group Class for Parents Only

8/7 (Su) - 8/31 (W) Parents Only Private Lessons, Group Class, and Orientation

September: Students Start

9/4 (Su) - 9/5 (M) No Lessons or Group Class - Labor Day

9/6 (Tu) - 9/16 (Fr) Students Start Regular Private Lessons and Group Classes

9/18 (Su) No Lessons or Group Class

9/19 (M) - 9/30 (Fr) Regular Private Lessons and Group Classes


10/2 (Su) - 10/31 (M) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class


11/1 (Tu) - 11/21 (M) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

11/22 (Tu) - 11/27 (Su) No Lessons or Group Class - Thanksgiving

11/28 (M) - 11/30(W) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

December: (A busy and complicated month!)

12/1 (Th) - 12/7 (W) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

12/11 (Su) No Lessons or Group Class

12/12 (M) Regular Student Lessons

12/13 (Tu) - 12/18 (Su) No Lessons or Group Class

12/15 (Th), 12/19 (M), 12/20 (Tu) Make-up Lessons, as needed

12/21 (W) - 1/7 (Sa) No Lessons or Group Class - Winter Break


1/8 (Su) - 1/15 (Su) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

1/16 (M) - No Class - MLK Day

1/17 (Tu) - 1/31 (Tu) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class


2/1 (W) - 2/3 (Fr) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

2/4 (Sa) Solo and Group Class Recital

2/5 (Su) - 2/28 (Tu) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class


3/1 (W) - 3/7 (Tu) - Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

3/8 (W) - 3/18 (Sa) No Classes - Spring Break

3/19 (Su) - 3/31 (Fr) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class


4/2 (Su) - 4/30 (Su) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class


5/1 (M) - 5/9 (Tu) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

5/10 (W) - 5/12 (Fr) No Lessons

5/14 (Su) - 5/19 (Fr) Regular Student Lessons and Group Class

5/20 (Sa) Solo and Group Class Recital

5/21 (Su) and 5/24 (W) Regular Student Lessons

5/15 (M) - 5/16 (Tu) and 5/22 (M) - 5/23 (Tu) Make-Up Lessons, as needed

June - July

Summer lessons and make-up lessons scheduled per lesson

Terms and Agreement (Tuition, Cancellation Policy, and Agreements)

Lesson Fees

Weekly half-hour lessons are $30 and include an additional weekly half-hour group class. I will send monthly invoices for lessons taught.

Payment Method

Payment may be made via check, cash, or Zelle. I appreciate timely payments.

Schedule and Cancellation Policy

I understand that situations of various sorts arise. If you must cancel a lesson, you must do so at least 24 hours in order to not be charged. If you are sick or away, a Zoom lesson can substitute for an in-person lesson.

If I must cancel or reschedule a lesson, I will notify you as soon as possible and will make every effort to reschedule close to the time of the original lesson.

Supplies and Involvement

Parents agree to purchase, rent, or borrow all necessary supplies. Parents agree to attend all lessons and group classes, to organize and oversee daily home practice, and to be in close communication with me. The same parent that attends the lessons should be involved with home practice, unless otherwise discussed.

Parents are encouraged to send texts with questions from home practice, including images and videos. I will try to respond within 24 hours, and will respond immediately if available.

Enrollment- Form of Interest

My studio currently has limited space, and is primarily available for beginning cello students.

If you have read the above sections and are interested in cello lessons, please fill out a Form of Interest.

You are also welcome to email me directly: andrea[dot]kleesattel[at]gmail[dot]com